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Thursday, September 30, 2004


I might be pregnant. Again.

I had a miscarriage in July. Worst, most awful experience of my life. I spent weeks crying and sleeping and not eating. The only real life person who knows other than my doctor is my husband.

This causes me to be terrified this time. I don't want to even take a pregnancy test. I don't want to make it real in my mind because if I do then if something bad happens... I don't want to have to suffer like that again.

Oh the joys of being married and having unprotected sex.

I go to the reproductive system checking out doctor Oct. 12, so I'll find out then.

My sister found out today that she's having a boy. She is due March 7. I'll be flying home around that time so I can be there for her and such. Woo!

Meh, I'm done.


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