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Friday, September 24, 2004

Oh the joys of being a moderator

Last month, I was made a moderator at .info. For any of you who happen to be members there and stumble upon this, well... I like most of you. Some of you, however, should be banned from the internet for wasting bandwidth and taking up server space with your pointless crap. Should I ever meet you, I will uncerimoniously spork out your eyes and use them as hood ornaments. Anyway, back to the original point of this post.

Basically, being a moderator of this forum has helped me realize just how much I dislike airheaded, annoying people who parrot the media and their parents. Sure, I was most likely like that about, oh, 6 years ago, but that doesn't stop me from being a judgemental, cynical bitch about it now. You'd be surprised how much time these girls waste making stupid, pointless, annoying posts and threads even after some pretty easy to follow and self-explanatory rules have been posted for everyone to see. You'd also be surprised about how disrespectful they can be about following these rules and how much they hate the moderators who try to make them follow them.

For example:
This week the shit hit the fan with this one girl who'd been bothering the ever living hell out of 99.9% of the members. See this thread for details of said shit hitting said fan. Anyway, she had been repeatedly warned about various things, such as her signature picture being too large and her posts being an insult to humanities advancements since the pre-historic period, but she never heeded the warnings, she mostly just shrugged them off and went on her merry way making me lose faith in the world of tomorrow. But, that thread got her banned, thank the Lord Most High In Heaven (which reminds me about explaining the religion thing). Turns out she was trying to overthrow myself and the other moderator. Now that would have been an interesting battle...

So, to all other moderators of forums on various subjects that happen to interest teenage girls that make stupid annoying posts, I salute you!


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